Voting for Article 50

I have previously let my constituents know how I would vote in Parliament tonight. But I'm writing this for constituents in East Leeds who missed my previous statements and so may be still wondering how I voted in Parliament tonight on Article 50.

As a democrat and as someone who believes that everyone's vote is of equal value, I voted for Article 50. East Leeds - like the nation as a whole - voted to leave the Europ...ean Union. I believe that to veto the outcome of the Referendum - in which there was a huge turnout - would be undemocratic and wrong. I believe that voting for Article 50 was the right and democratic thing to do.

I believe that everyone's vote is of equal value. I am sick and tired of well-paid commentators who are full of themselves treating people in my community like they are idiots. They are not.

I believe that as a Party that believes in democracy, Labour is right to accept the outcome of the Referendum. Amongst other things, to do anything other would be a gift to extremists using populism to pose as 'anti-establishment' champions.

I strongly believe it's wrong to patronise 'the 52%' and I strongly believe it would be wrong to dismiss the concerns of 'the 48%'. It's time to stop talking about 'the 52%' and 'the 48%'. We need to start talking about 'the 100%' - or rather 'the 99%' who, as things are run at the moment, don't get a fair deal whether Britain is in the European Union or out of the European Union.

It's time to try to bring people together and move forward, fighting to defend living standards, employment rights, public services and environmental protection.

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  • commented 2017-02-24 17:34:58 +0000
    If as you say you are a democrat then please tell that disater of a leader corbyn to stand down how can we hope to win an election if we cant hold our "safe"seats.
    Our share of the vote dropped in both by elections .
    Also please stop this constant drivel of the so called 600,000 members who elected him we now know a large amount of those have now left ,and it is the 4.000,000 VOTERS who will win seats. With corbyn as leader there will be a lot will not vote or defect to another party.
    Ask your constituants what they think and not just the branch mob.

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