Statement on EU Referendum Result

Politicians and pundits have done plenty of talking but the public has made its decision.

Any attempt by the Government to ‘wriggle out’ of the mandate the public has given to leave the European Union would be, in my view, deeply undemocratic.

Inevitably, the UK now enters a period of intensified political and economic uncertainty.

But the fundamental task remains the same as it would have done had Britain voted to remain in the European Union: to defeat the political choice of austerity economics which is hurting and holding back all but the super-rich and which is doing so much damage to our public services.

Reflection is also required in relation to the nature of the Referendum campaign. Some elements of both sides of the debate were guilty of sensationalist scaremongering. Much of the public feel that establishment figures – on both sides of the debate - didn’t treat them with the respect that they deserve. People don’t like being patronised, lectured at, lied to or subjected to scare tactics. Racist hatred should have no place in politics. And neither should establishment demonization of working class communities for having genuine and understandable concerns in an unfair and unequal society.

The people have spoken and there's lots of work to do. A better, fairer and more equal Britain, Europe and world is possible.

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  • commented 2016-06-27 10:40:27 +0100
    Totally agree Richard. Shame the MP’s using bullying tactics against Jeremy don’t consider those points

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