Speaking up for domestic abuse victims in family law courts

RB_BBCD_150916_400x300.pngToday as Shadow Justice Secretary, I spoke in a vital debate on the experience of domestic abuse victims in the family law courts.

The debate focused on the Women's Aid report 'Nineteen Child Homicides' which launched their 'Child First' campaign, the aim of which is to 'put the safety of children where it belongs - at the heart all of all decisions being made in the family courts.'

The debate was heard from the gallery by Claire Throssell, a spokesperson for the Women's Aid 'Child First' campaign, whose children were killed by their estranged father in 2014.

The motion called on the Government to review the treatment and experiences of victims of domestic abuse in Family Law Courts.



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  • commented 2016-12-09 19:43:39 +0000
    Unfortunately our local council has just withdrawn financial support for the Women’s Refuge in our area-their reasoning is that the money is not benefiting local Southend residents. They appear to have missed the point that women do not want to be placed in a refuge in their home town. Thank you for speaking up for those victims of domestic abuse who, so often, cannot speak up for themselves.

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