Richard welcomes Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader


The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party has helped to puncture 'the Westminster bubble', letting the real world come rushing in.  

Just one example was last Wednesday, when Jeremy made Prime Minister's Question Time something more democratic, more decent and more dignified than the usual disgraceful weekly spectacle of MPs avoiding real debate and hurling childish insults at each other. He put real issues that matter to real people back on the agenda. People out here in the real world are sick of the same old, same old, stale 'business as usual' politics of the Establishment. 

Jeremy stands for a new politics - a kinder type of politics. His policies such as taking the railways into public ownership, a £10 National Minimum Wage and ensuring that 'free schools' and Academies are taken back into the democratic control of local communities show that there is a real choice between Labour and the rest of the political parties in Westminster. 

Because Jeremy Corbyn stands for real change, the big business backed media Establishment is out to get him. They want to frighten people away from voting for real change. Sadly, their goal is to destroy decent people who want to make the world a better place. The media shouldn't be about behaving like that. But billionaire media barons underestimate people's ability to think for themselves. 

Jeremy Corbyn is all about working in the interests of the vast majority of ordinary people, not the super-rich at the top who haven't got a clue what day-to-day life is like for people here in East Leeds. I'm looking forward to backing Jeremy Corbyn and his huge mandate to lead real change in the Labour Party and across the country.

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