Registering for a Postal Vote

The May 7th General Election is just round the corner. This is your chance to save our NHS from Conservative / Liberal Democrat privatisation by electing a Labour Government. This is your chance to say 'enough is enough' by voting out a Government which has presided over the longest fall in living standards since the Victorian era. This is your chance to vote to create a better society: a society in which our NHS isn't flogged off to fat-cats and profiteers; a society in which there will be no 'Bedroom Tax'; a society in which the super-rich will pay their tax like the rest of us; a society in which 'Zero Hour' contracts and insecure, low-paid employment won't be our children's future; and a society in which care for the elderly is treated with the importance it deserves. This is your chance to vote to end the tired old idea that as long as we look after the rich and powerful we will all be OK. This is your chance to vote for a Labour Government - because Britain Can Do Better Than This. 

That is why it is vital to make sure YOUR voice is heard. A postal vote is a convenient way to do that without having to rush around and make it to the polling station on the 7th May.

You can register for a postal vote by downloading these forms (click the envelope image below):


And return it to this address,

Electoral Services
Level 2
Town Hall
The Headrow
Leeds LS1 3AD

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 21st April, so make sure you post it off a few days before this to make sure it gets there in time. If you are just looking to register to vote you can do so online here.

Labour's secret weapon in this election is YOU and people like you across East Leeds and across the country. Members of the public contributing their time and money and talking to their friends, family and neighbours are having a big impact on what is a close election nationally. If you can help in any way, then just let me know by using the buttons below to either volunteer or donate to our election campaign.



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