My question on Cameron's future at PMQs

RB_PMQ_090316_400x300.pngOn Wednesday 9th March, I asked my first question at the weekly Prime Minister's Questions.

I believe the public deserves to know the Prime Minister's future plans - including whether or not he will remain Prime Minister come what may once the next 14 weeks are over.

At PMQs I asked David Cameron to finally give a clear answer to this important question. He did and said he would not resign. But this will not end the feud in a divided Government as, in truth, some of the Government's MPs neither welcome nor believe the answer he gave me today.

WATCH the question here

READ the transcript here





The question received significant media interest including the articles below:

Daily Mirror: David Cameron finally answers whether he will resign as Prime Minister if Britain votes to leave the EU

The Guardian: David Cameron rules out resigning if EU referendum backs Brexit

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