Leeds loses out as Government rewards friends

Richard_campaigning.pngThe government have cut local government to the bone since 2010 and they continue to impose cut upon cut, hitting the most deprived areas the hardest.

As things currently stand, the 10 most deprived areas will be 18 times worse off than the 10 least deprived areas.

With the Local Government Finance Settlement this week, the government have silenced a number of opponents from their own Conservative benches in Parliament with a transitional pot of money to ease the imposition of cuts.

But in doing so, they are giving money to Conservative-run councils in the south-east, but none for major Labour-run councils in the north.

Out of the £300m transitional grant, Conservative-run councils like Surrey, Hampshire and Hertfordshire are receiving the largest multi-million pound deals.

Meanwhile, Leeds City Council - just like Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle - receives absolutely nothing from this announcement.

83% of funds from the transitional pot will go to Conservative-run councils, while only 5% to those run by Labour.

With core funding still being squeezed, councils all over the country will face yet more tough decisions thanks to this Government – whether cutting services elsewhere, or leaving elderly people without the care they need.


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