Hunt's scaremongering on Junior Doctors

RB_JD_400.pngFollowing meeting junior doctors outside the Department of Health in Leeds - and ahead of the latest strike action by junior doctor members of the British Medical Association - I challenged the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, about his scaremongering regarding the availability of emergency services during the strike.

I expressed concern that the Government was potentially misleading people with regard to the availability of emergency care during the strike action and asked him to clarify that people could still go to hospital if they needed to.

I said:

'I am worried about the potential consequences of the Secretary of State having people believe that if they are ill on the day of strike action there will be no A&E for them to go to. If they do not go and there are consequences, I believe that the consequences will be his responsibility, so could he now clear this matter up for the British public and confirm that there will be A&E cover on the days of these strikes, if they go ahead?'

The Secretary of State confirmed that A&E departments would be open.

Make no mistake, this is a strike of the Secretary of State's making and he should now do the decent and reasonable thing and return to the negotiating table and reach a settlement.

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WATCH the question here


RB_MPs_JD_400.pngOn the following morning at the start of the strike action, I joined fellow Labour MPs at St Thomas' Hospital opposite the Houses of Parliament to meet junior doctors.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP and Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP addressed a protest in support of the junior doctors in Whitehall later in the day.


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