Honoured to join the Shadow Treasury team

I'm looking forward to getting to work in my new role as a Shadow Treasury Minister in Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP's team. It's a great responsibility to be part of Jeremy Corbyn's great new 'front bench' team. People here in East Leeds and across the country deserve an alternative economic strategy to the Conservative Government's ruthless programme of cuts. I'm looking forward to, as a Shadow Treasury Minister, working in support of a real alternative to what the Conservative Government is doing to ordinary people and to public services.


Despite my new role, it will be 'business as usual' for me back home. I will be carrying on holding 8 advice sessions per month here in East Leeds outside normal office hours for constituents to come to see me if they need my help and assistance. And as a Shadow Treasury Minister, I'm looking forward to helping put the huge policy issues raised with me in advice sessions by constituents - such as the housing crisis, cuts to public services and the lack of well-paid and secure employment - at the very top of the political agenda.   

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