'Failure and excuses' in Osborne's Budget

RB_BBC.pngToday we heard George Osborne's eighth Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer, which Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn summed up in his response as, 'This is a recovery built on sand and a Budget built on failure. The Chancellor has failed on the budget deficit, failed on debt, failed on investment, failed on productivity, failed on the trade deficit, failed on his own welfare cap and failed to tackle inequality in this country.'

I appeared on BBC News to give my response, you can read my comments or watch the video clips below.

'Well I think the two key words to come out of today from George Osborne's statement were 'failure' and 'excuses'. The forecasts for productivity are down, the forecasts for growth are down, the forecasts for wages are down and the forecast for business investment is down and he littered his speech with excuses about how it is everyone's fault apart from his own. The thing is he has now been Chancellor of the Exchequer for over half a decade, for six years, and it's about time he took responsibility for rising inequality, for failure, and for the track record he's got'

'George Osborne's failed to balance the books, but we wouldn't be attempting to balance the books on the backs of the poor, on the backs of middle and low earners. Again he's let some of his mates off the hook, we've seen in the past mates rates for companies like Google and Facebook while at the same time huge cuts for local government and more cuts for public services.'



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