Debate on the Prison Service

RB_Prisons_250117b400x300.pngOn Wednesday 25th January I opened a three hour debate on the state of our prisons.

In my contribution I set out how Conservative Government cuts to the prison service had resulted in a significant reduction over 6,000 prison officers - a quarter of those working in the service in 2010 - resulting in restricted regimes, increased prison violence, and poor rehabilitation and reoffending results.

In concluding, I said,

'we need to be tough on crime, wherever it is found, and we need to protect the public. At the same time, we need to make prisons places where effective rehabilitation is a living, breathing reality. We want people to leave prison and become productive members of society, having left crime behind. At present, when it comes to the Prison Service, as in relation to so much else, this Government are failing. They are failing prison staff, they are failing prison inmates and their families, and they are failing the public. Ultimately, the mess this Government are making of our prison system means they are failing society. I commend the motion to the House.'

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