Britain Can Be Better

This morning Ed Miliband launched Labour's Manifesto, which sets out how a Labour Government will give people across East Leeds a much needed boost and create a more equal society. 

Amongst many other things, a Labour Government will:

    • Scrap Conservative / Liberal Democrat NHS privatisation.
    • Reverse the Government's recent cut in corporation tax so that rates for small businesses can be reduced.
    • Introduce a 'Mansion Tax' on houses worth over £2 million in order to put an extra £2.5 Billion into our NHS.
    • Abolish the unfair and immoral 'Bedroom Tax'.
    • Cut the cost of going to university.
    • Abolish exploitative 'Zero Hour' contracts.
    • End the 'non-dom' tax arrangements whereby the super rich avoid paying tax like the rest of us.
    • Cap gas and electricity bills and force energy companies to pass along savings to customers.
    • Increase the minimum wage to at least £8 an hour a year by 2020.
    • Provide up to 25 hours of free childcare for working parents of 3 and 4 year olds.

 Click the image to view the full manifesto online


Labour's secret weapon in this election is YOU and people like you across East Leeds and across the country.  Members of the public contributing their time and money are having a big impact on what is a close election nationally. If you can help in any way, then just let me know by using the buttons below to either volunteer or donate to our election campaign. 



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