'I, Daniel Blake' at Chapel FM, Seacroft

I_Daniel_Blake_Chapel_FM.pngChapel FM in Seacroft here in East Leeds is one of my very favourite places.

On Thursday 23rd March, at lunchtime and in the evening, Chapel FM showed "I, Daniel Blake" - Ken Loach's powerful attack on the way the Government treats people who are out of work.

After both screenings, a short film about experiences of the benefits system here in East Leeds was also shown.

The film was made by the "Dole Animators" group - people in East Leeds who had struggled with the way they were treated by the system and was very powerful.

Also after each screening, I took part in a panel discussion chaired by Killingbeck and Seacroft Labour Councillor Catherine Dobson.

The panel members included a benefits expert from GIPSIL in Gipton, Professor Ruth Patrick from Liverpool whose study of the welfare system - "For Whose Benefit?" - is out soon and Margaret, who featured in the "Dole Animators" film.

There was a good turnout at both screenings and the local people who turned out - including people with experience of struggling with the welfare system and food bank users and volunteers - raised great points, ideas and questions.

A better discussion than many of the discussions in Parliament on this issue!

Thanks, as ever, to Adrian and all at Chapel FM for hosting this event in the heart of our community at what is a wonderful, wonderful centre.

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